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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.   finals and Objectives - (Continued)
o   issue 11 new Training Program grants.

o   Establish grant monitoring procedures to allow ED to assess  Individual
wt     pfon«ance,   to   consider   requests    for   new   awards,    and    to

p              pfon«ance,

assess overall Training Program accomplishments.

o   Review   Training   Program   regulations    and    policies    to    determine    if

changes are needed.

B»   Progress and Accomplishments.

o To loplement the Secretarial Goals for 1984, the Application Notice of
the Training Program contained a section entitled "Funding Priorities
for Fiscal Year 1984." This section detailed seven Secretarial prior-
ities for FY 1984 Training Program grants. Applicants addressing any
one of these priorities were given extra credit during the evaluation

o Public contents on training needs for Special Programs staff and leader-
ship personnel were solicited at an open meeting held in Washington and
through the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the Funding Priorities for
fiscal year 1984, published in the Federal Register.

o The Department developed procedures and standards for assessing prior
experience of previously funded Training Program applicants and used
thai to assign credit for prior experience to 11 eligible applicants.

o   ED received and processed 50 eligibility grant applications and awarded

ten grants for Fiscal Year 1984.

o ED Implemented a variety of monitoring procedures, including extensive
telephone monitoring, reviews of reports and other data, and two on-s1te


0 The Training Program regulations were developed under the regulation
reforn policies and procedures and were published in final form in 1982.
As a result of recent grant competitions, ED is considering revising
trie selection criteria in the regulations to better evaluate the
strengths and weaknesses of a proposed training program.

c*   Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

In FY 1984, $960,000 was awarded to institutions. This
Xn «SHS i !iagrants-' *each avera^ng $96,000. Funding at this level
8ilE.SS»)          P*rtlclP«*s at an average cost of $942 per person.

^ Tht Tr-a1.n1n9 Program wPPorts short-term train-.

n                                      -.                                                             -                         -.

*»  1-Prova the  skills   of

Effectiveness:    No  recent  studies  of this  program have  been   con-nstitutions and agencies